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The quaint and serene town of Lamy, New Mexico is located just 18 miles south of Santa Fe. This town was named after Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy. During the 1880s, this small town was a thriving railroad stop. Back then, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, or ATSF, ran through this town. The railroad’s construction continued until 2014, when the railroad service was terminated. Nonetheless, Lamy’s significance as a railroad junction in the development of the atomic bomb was retold in the documentary The Day After Trinity. In 1980, the aforementioned film was nominated for an Academy Award.

Lamy is indeed a small town with a population of just over 200 people in just over one square mile of space. Even so, for those who wish to visit, the town provides a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of a busy life in this refreshingly simple community. It isn’t all front porch sitting, though. You can make reservations for an excursion through Sky Railway. This was created by well-known residents of Lamy, like the novelist George R. R. Martin. The Sky Railway offers unique and changing themed train rides between Lamy and Santa Fe. Themes range from holiday to music and even a murder mystery with riders playing the role of detective! Visitors can also explore historical relics at the Lamy Railroad and History Museum. Hikers will also enjoy the Galisteo Basin, a 5.4-mile hiking trail located near town.

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The towns of Santa Fe County are such great places to see! For years, these little towns start to grow and new structures have been built and some renovations have been done. Lamy is one of the places where we love to provide concrete services in your city and others area in NM. It is home to friendly residents and historical buildings, and we are proud to help the community preserve its rich history. Whatever concrete needs the people of Lamy have, we are ready to take them on. Here at Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, your concrete work is in trusted hands. From all our experience, we’ve developed efficient techniques that help ensure timely and quality results. 

Our excellent craftsmanship is evident in the services we provide. We provide residential concrete services for home improvement or renovation projects.  As residential projects are often very specific to each client, we are happy to tailor our work to meet all of your individual needs. We also offer commercial concrete services, best for those large projects that involve a lot of work and expertise of professional concrete contractors. On top of our residential and commercial concrete services, we also offer decorative concrete services like stamping, staining, coloring, and sand texture in Lamy & others area in NM.

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We enjoy showing our craftsmanship and artistry by concretely resurfacing your patios, porches, walkways, steps, and driveways. We can even design and build custom concrete stairs for your home or business. Concrete repairs, resurfacing, grinding, and polishing are also services provided by our team. When it comes to everything concrete, Santa Fe Concrete Contractors is the team to trust!

If you live in Lamy and in need of any of our concrete services, call us right away!