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Becoming One with Nature at White Rock

How close are you to nature? If you are a nature-lover, then it is impossible for you not to love the town of White Rock, New Mexico. From the name itself, you’ll get an idea of what awaits you there. For the best experience, visitors should experience this town during July, August, or September. Citizens of White Rock consider the months of December and January as the least comfortable months.

White Rock, part of the Los Alamos County in New Mexico, is an unincorporated community of 5,751, making it the second major population center in the county next to the Los Alamos. Most of the employees of Los Alamos National Library live here with their families.

The first White Rock was built in 1947 by the United States of Atomic Energy Commission to create a place for their construction workers. This was later abandoned in 1953. In 1962 the White Rock existing today was established. White Rock, NM, has roughly 11 square miles of land area.

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The Best of White Rock

White Rock Canyon White Rock NM Concrete Contractors

White Rock Canyon

At the eastern edge of the town, a recreation area is to be found. The famous White Rock Canyon is a wilderness that’s perfect for various activities that both adults and kids can enjoy. The Rio Grande, which flows south, shaped the canyon through basalt and tuff. Other smaller canyons surround the White Rock Canyon, including Los Alamos, Mortandad, and Capulin Canyon.

Blue Dot Trail

For hikers and bikers, this trail is perfect. It is 100 yards southwest of the overlooking platform and can be reached via a small parking lot at the end of the last side road branching east off Overlook Road.

Blue Dot Trail White Rock NM Concrete Contractors
Red Dot Trail White Rock NM Concrete Contractors

Red Dot Trail

Also called the Pajarito Springs Trail, pass by several petroglyphs on the way to this trail. It offers a challenging trail for bikers with its very steep road. Visitors will be amazed by the various rock drawings that range from Kokopelli to abstract designs. Also, Red Dot Trail forms a small creek that flows down into a pool. At the end of this trail is the Rio Grande.

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