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Seton Village: For Education and Amusement Combined

Have you ever wondered where to go for an excellent education while also having some amusement and entertainment? Perhaps you haven’t heard of the unincorporated area of Santa Fe County known as Seton Village. Seton Village was founded and developed by the respected artist, author, and naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton in 1930. 

The 32-room home as well as his other residential and educational buildings left standing in the district serve as important parts of Seton Village’s history. Later in 1965, the city was declared a National Historic Landmark and more recently as a New Mexico State Cultural Property. The village was only .24 square miles at the beginning but eventually, it grew into just over six square miles of land. 

Seton Village was where you’ll find the Seton Institute, the Woodcraft League, and the College of Indian Wisdom. The Academy for the Love of Learning and the Seton Art Gallery opened in 2011.

Seton Village NM Santa Fe Concrete Contractors
Seton Village NM Concrete Contractors
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Parks and Historical Places in Seton Village

Seton Village is a place rich in memories of the past. Various historic places can be found here, which could be thanks to being founded by a notable educator. Explore more of the area by visiting some local sites.

The-Academy for the Love of Learning Seton Village NM Concrete Contractors

The Academy for the Love of Learning

Built on the same spot of the former estate of Ernest Thompson Seton is The Academy, which seeks to “awaken, enliven, nurture, and sustain” the innate love for learning of both kids and adults. It is a non-profit organization created by Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Stern and was incorporated in 1998.

Woodcraft League

More commonly known as the League of Woodcraft Indians, Woodcraft League was established by the very founder of Seton Village himself, Ernest Thompson Seton. The program eventually spread internationally and is still active today.

Woodcraft League Seton Village NM Concrete Contractors
College of Indian Wisdom Seton Village NM Concrete Contractors

College of Indian Wisdom

Another educational program was introduced by Ernest Thompson Seton to his beloved citizens of Seton Village. The College of Indian Wisdom was a summer youth program wherein students were introduced to camping in tepees, joined in crafts, and also learned about plants and animals.

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