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As the concrete industry develops, the possibilities working with concrete continually expand. The times of being restricted to simple, ordinary concrete work are over. With our decorative concrete services, you can fully customize your concrete to have the exact look and feel you desire. The options are abundant with our stamping, staining, color, and sand texturing services. Whether used in a commercial or residential setting, adding unique features to your concrete is a great way to make your property pop! 

Concrete stamping is a highly customizable way to turn plain concrete into a stunning feature. Stamped concrete is an appealing alternative to paving stones or bricks because it is not only cheaper and more durable but also requires less maintenance. Even so, stamped concrete can be highly intricate and can also provide you with creative options to accentuate your property. Furthermore, stamped concrete is seamless and does not have any gaps, so you do not have to worry about weeds growing in between the surfaces as you do with ordinary concrete work.  

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We have great news, concrete does not have to be gray! Staining your concrete is another low-cost way to liven up your concrete work. Your patio, walkway, driveway or concrete foundation doesn’t have to be so simple. With stained concrete, you can personalize your project with colors and hues that compliment your property. The options truly are endless when concrete is both stained and stamped.

Coloring concrete is also a way to make your project stand out. After consulting with you about your desired color, we will mix the proper pigments into the concrete mixture. With an endless amount of colors to choose from, coloring concrete gives you the ability to create an inexpensive, bold feature for your home or business.

Another way to customize your concrete project is to use sand texturing. The process of sand texturing provides you with even more choice regarding the look and feel of your concrete. Sand textured concrete is especially useful around pools and patios as it is much less slippery than tradition smooth concrete. Many clients are also drawn to sand texturing because it has a more natural look and feel than ordinary concrete does. 

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With a multitude of experience in decorative concrete work in your city and others area in NM, our team members are confident in their abilities to help you find the look and feel that is just right for you. We are happy to discuss your options, as well as, offer professional design advice on which customizations would look best with your property. We are here to give you an outcome that you will enjoy for many years to come. So dream big and give us a call when you would like to learn more about how decorative concrete can help your property stand out!