How to Repair a Concrete Foundation

How to Repair a Concrete Foundation - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Foundation cracks and other types of damage are extremely concerning. Since the foundation forms the framework for the entire structure, its damage may result in a loss of structural reliability. Of course, none of us would want this to happen to our beautiful homes.
Concrete foundations can suffer from damage that extends beyond the surface. There may be visible cracks in the floor or wall, but the real danger may be hidden deeper. More homeowners are attempting to solve this problem with do-it-yourself methods, but safety is not always guaranteed. Professional assistance is needed to make sure proper and expert repair touch.
This blog post will discuss a few methods for repairing a concrete foundation.

The Root-Cause Analysis

The concrete contractor must inspect the house before proceeding with the repair. Specialists will look into what caused the damage and take note of any visible signs. Some factors have a significant impact on the foundation’s decline.

The following are the most common conditions:

  • The quality of soil near and under the foundation
  • Poor drainage system
  • ​Tree roots around the house
  • Extreme weather changes and natural disasters

Best Methods for a Concrete Foundation Repair

Most do-it-yourself concrete foundation repair only addresses visible symptoms. Simple patches are usually applied in the absence of an expert inspection. Others would simply apply a vinyl patching compound or concrete bonding adhesive. This can only fix minor surface damage but not underlying flaws.
 The following are some of the methods used by concrete contractors to repair concrete foundation damage.

1. Concrete Piers

​Horizontal cracks are caused by soil pressures. Concrete piers are tailored to the soil’s quality and the depth of the foundation. They are thought to be the best for warm and mild weather. The use of concrete piers necessitates more manual labor such as digging, removing dirt, and drilling. This method will stabilize your home’s foundation, but it must be done by professional contractors.

2. Segmented Piers

​Using this method is less expensive than others while still providing adequate support. Segmented piers are small, cylindrical concrete tubes. These are embedded in the soil beneath the foundation.

3. Spot Piers

Spot piers are ideal for light-weight areas such as the porch or patio. These are installed by digging manually and placing concrete beneath the vulnerable area. The use of spot piers will help to strengthen the support in that specific area of the house.

4. Masonry Patches and Sealants

Some residences already have concrete foundations. But patching can be done in cases where damage is detected. Masonry patches and sealants include the use of concrete patch products and strong bonding adhesives. Although most people would prefer to do it themselves, without professional assistance, some other issues may not be addressed.

5. Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a popular method of repair. Others refer to it as mud jacking and this method is straightforward. Concrete contractors would drill holes in your foundation. Small hoses are then used to inject a mixture of grout or foam under the foundation. This usually raises the sinking concrete within a few hours. Others prefer this method because it is more cost-effective and efficient.

Strengthen that foundation with Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

These are only a few of the methods for repairing concrete foundations. Whatever method you believe is best for your foundation issues, professional assistance is always recommended to ensure safety and durability.
And, there’s no other concrete contractor that has more professional expertise than Santa Fe Concrete Contractors. We are a team of passionate and highly experienced professionals in the concrete industry. Our work history not only demonstrates impeccable craftsmanship, but also lays the groundwork for a more fulfilling life.
Let us help you restore that strength of your foundation. Contact us any time!



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