Is Concrete Resurfacing a Good Idea?

Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM - Is Concrete Resurfacing a Good Idea
Is Concrete Resurfacing a Good Idea - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

A few years after your home’s concrete is poured, there will be signs of deterioration and wear and tear. In such cases, homeowners are left with the question of whether to resurface or replace their concrete. This process allows you to cover up the imperfections of the concrete inside and outside of your home.

Instead of replacing it, you can keep your concrete as it was before and just do some retouching. Concrete resurfacing is also easy and can help save a lot of money in the process. If you want the new look of your property to be customized this time, it’s possible with concrete resurfacing!

Why is Concrete Resurfacing Necessary?

Why is Concrete Resurfacing Necessary - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

The answer to the question of which is a better choice between resurfacing or replacing your concrete is often subjective as it depends highly on the homeowner’s choice and the condition of the property. If the home is still in good shape and has some minor damage or cracked sides, resurfacing may be the best choice. Concrete replacement is your last resort. Beyond those reasons, here are other common factors homeowners consider when having their concrete resurfaced.

1. Change of plans or mind.

The changing of time also affects our taste in the style we would like to see in our surroundings, like in our home. Concrete has become a more familiar tool for contractors to offer newer ways to recreate an old, worn-out building. In this case, you may consider having yours resurfaced as well because you suddenly realize how many choices there are available for you to try.

2. Degree of severity of the condition.

Sometimes, it’s all about the right diagnosis for your existing concrete. Once you see that the condition is worse than resurfacing can fix, then maybe it’s really time to replace it rather than just cover it up. Other than the deterioration and extent of damage, time can also be a hindrance to this, wherein, if you have a short timeframe, resurfacing may be preferred over replacing.

3. An issue on the base.

Poor installation that involves a weak sub-base may also be another thing to think about. Repairing this kind of problem may not work well. This condition calls for a complete replacement of the concrete instead to repair the large cracks and other worse issues found in the structure.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

1. More affordable. Resurfacing is definitely very cost-efficient since you just need to fix a part and not the whole structure. It may be three times less than the cost of totally removing the existing concrete. Your budget for the labor and materials will be saved.

2. Saves time. Materials used for resurfacing are self-leveling, not requiring much work to make it smoother or leveled. All you need is to ensure that the materials are properly spread within the area where it is applied.

3. Allows for more aesthetic finishes for various designs and colors. If you have been wanting to have a marble floor with a specific color and design without spending a high amount of money on labor and materials, resurfacing should be your choice. This is the beautiful thing about resurfacing; it is highly customizable and aesthetically appealing.

4. Adds to the durability of the base and foundation. Most of the materials used in resurfacing are durable and stain resistant. That’s why they can perfectly upgrade your structure’s look and durability once applied to it. Your floor and walls can last longer when resurfaced.

5. Adds to the value of your home. Beyond its ability to strengthen your concrete structures, resurfacing can also add to the value of your property which can be a good investment. Because it fixes the cracked, worn out, and damaged floors in your home, it can bring a brand new look to your entire home as well.

Santa Fe’s Top Experts in Concrete Resurfacing

Santa Fe Top Experts in Concrete Resurfacing - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

Concrete may be the hardest material to use for building any structure. Yet, with the skillful hands of experts in concrete building services, you can have a customized design for whatever feature you would like to add to your home and workplace. Concrete resurfacing is just one of the services that Santa Fe Concrete Contractors provide.

When you need experienced individuals to assist you in residential, commercial, or decorative concrete building, you can always count on us! We are highly trained professionals who can mold concrete into the kind of structure you’ve wanted to create. Delivering quality work at an affordable price is our top priority to ensure the 100% satisfaction of our customers.

If you are ready to transform the interior or exterior of your building, do not hesitate to contact us at 505-375-6918. We’ll be there just right away with all the tools and equipment that we need to get started.



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