Polished Concrete vs. Tile Floors

Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM - Polished Concrete vs Tile Floors
Polished Concrete vs Tile Floors - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

Some people may think of concrete as hard, rough, and unappealing. Yet, with the right polishing and design, concrete can bring out the best in your home or office. In fact, polished concrete is considered part of the decorative elements in a property.

If you want something that lasts for years, using concrete is best. However, what do you think is better when compared with tiled floors? Both are great options to use as flooring materials. In this article, a deeper discussion of the comparison between these two materials will be presented to help property owners in their decision-making.

Polished Concrete and Tiled Floors Compared


Polished Concrete Floors Durability - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Lamy, NM

Polished concrete floors are not as malleable and fragile as tiles. In fact, its durability can last you a lifetime, especially with proper maintenance. The durability of tile can last years. However, the risk appears when you accidentally drop something heavy on the floor, which can lead to cracking and chipping. A strong earthquake will also create the same result on tiled floors.


Floor Tiles Design - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

When it comes to the design, both tiles and polished concrete floors come in varieties. Yet, with concrete, customization is possible and thus means more designs. Tiles are pre-designed by sellers, and your options are restricted to what they have in their catalogs or inventories. For polished concrete, you can express your ideas and budget to the contractor so they can create it for you. It is helpful to be open to them in terms of matters like the pattern and design you want to achieve in your dream look for your home or office.


Sustainability Polished Concrete Services in Lamy, NM - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Polished concrete and tiles are both sustainable, which allows for more areas to be designed or constructed using them for the flooring. However, tiles need to be replaced after some time, particularly when they have been cracked or when their design has faded or tarnished. Whereas, with concrete, a good polish, and periodic refinish, brings back its good looks, which has less impact on the environment.


Polished Concrete Maintenance - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Galisteo, NM

These two materials require easy maintenance, but concrete may be a little bit more complicated. In areas with a high volume of traffic, it is important to dust or wet mop this type of flooring every now and then to avoid grime or dirt from building up on the floor. In addition, tiles need cleaning on the grout to keep it looking clean and attractive.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

· Slip-resistant

Slip resistant Polished Concrete Floor - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Galisteo, NM

Most concretes have slippery surfaces which may be unsafe for people to walk on. This is particularly dangerous in areas that are prone to moisture and spills. Therefore, you might need to apply a non-slip epoxy coating for sealing and add a rough texture to help prevent falls and other accidents.

· Chemical-resistant

Chemical Resistant Concrete Floors - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Pecos, NM

Your polished concrete flooring can also become chemical-resistant if it is sealed using a chemical-resistant epoxy coating that will protect against extreme chemicals such as alkalis and acids together with corrosion.

· Thermal Shock resistant

Thermal Shock resistant - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Pecos, NM

Exposure to steam washes and very hot water can actually cause damage to polished concretes if not prevented ahead of time. This can create cracks, delamination, deterioration, and other issues that may be dangerous for you and your family. A thermal shock-resistant coating may help prevent such damage to your polished concrete.

· Cost

Polished Concrete Services in Lamy, NM - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

The cost of having polished concrete flooring is lower when you choose tiles that are priced based on the size, design, and number of pieces needed. Concrete flooring can be installed for as low as $2 to up to $30 only for a square foot. This can be even more affordable if you already have a concrete slab and just need to restore its good looks or condition. You might just have to replace the concrete if you have grown tired of how it appears.

· Extended lifespan

Extended Lifespan - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM

Concrete can last more than a hundred years or longer with proper maintenance, sealing, and installation. Even in extreme climates and temperatures, polished concrete flooring can go a long way. This can help you save some from not needing any repair, restoration, or replacement, unlike carpets, vinyl tiles, or wood laminates.

Why You Need the Help of Experts

Why You Need the Help of Experts - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors Lamy, NM

Seeking the help of professionals in concrete building is essential for homeowners and business owners to ensure the good quality and safety of their concretes. From the designing, installation, and proper maintenance of any concrete, experts at Santa Fe Concrete Contractors can be your best partners in concrete polishing services in Santa Fe. We’ll reduce your worry and increase your peace of mind.

As professionals in the concrete industry, we make sure to listen to our customers’ motivation and goals to see to it that all their requests are well taken care of. Whether it’s about retaining a wall, constructing a new foundation, or building a patio, porch, or anything, we’ll be with you all the way! Concrete polishing is what we do best. Just give us a call at 505-375-6918 to speak with our experts today.



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