Can Crumbling Concrete Be Repaired?

Can Crumbling Concrete Be Repaired - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Sometimes, concrete deterioration is just a surface blemish and the concrete just beneath the surface is still intact. But don’t get too comfortable because, while concrete is one of the most durable building materials available, everyday wear and tear, faulty installation, and exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures can all take their toll on concrete surfaces.

Crumbling concrete, also known as spalling, is not only unsightly but may also indicate serious damage beneath the structure. So, if your concrete patios, walkways, and steps are crumbling, can they still be repaired? The answer is yes, and you can do concrete surface repair in any number of ways.

Easy Steps to Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Step 1

First, remove any loose, crumbling, cracked, or broken concrete. You can do this by lightly grinding or by using a good pressure washer with a pressure of 3500 psi or higher. After that, lightly pressure wash the concrete to remove any dust and debris leftover from the grinding process.

Step 2

Before resurfacing, patch and repair any cracks, chips, or broken areas that are more than 1/4″ deep or deeper. Using the resurfacing product or another concrete patch product, lightly sand or rub it smooth after it has set up.

Step 3

Apply the first coat of resurfacing material after lightly dampening the concrete (no puddles). You can apply it to the surface with a trowel or a squeegee. Don’t try to be too perfect – just strive for consistency. If you have any lines, sand them out before applying the second coat.

Step 4

When the first coat has dried, apply the second, finishing coat. Mist the surface lightly with water, then mix and apply the second coat in the same manner as the first. After you trowel it down, apply your broom finish.

Step 5

To protect the new concrete, use a concrete sealer! Spray or roll on two very light coats of sealer to help your new concrete surface last for a long time.

Other important reminders:

· Concrete overlay can remedy heavily spalled concrete.

Concrete overlay - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

A simple mix of cement, sand, and hydrated lime can be troweled onto the existing concrete. Old concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and free of loose chips prior to applying overlay.

· Apply cement paint to existing concrete before stucco.

Mix cement and water to a paint consistency. Spray existing concrete with water to ensure it’s damp and then apply a thin layer of cement paint. Immediately cover wet paint with stucco mix.

· As the overlay becomes thicker, the size of the sand used must be increased.

Overlay becomes thicker in sand - Santa fe concrete contractors

You can add pea gravel the size of a pencil eraser once the overlay has reached 3/4-inch thickness.

Let Santa Fe Contractors Repair Your Crumbling Concrete!

Repairing Crumbling Concrete - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Although concrete surfaces are built to last, concrete is not invincible to the elements, just like untreated wood rots, untreated concrete spalls. Call Santa Fe Concrete Contractors to help you prevent your crumbling concrete from spreading or causing other damage. Whether it be a retaining wall, a new foundation, a patio, or any creative concrete project, our skilled concrete contractors can ease the stress of taking on a new project and install your concrete quickly and professionally.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or the work that your project will involve, please call us at 505-375-6918.



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