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The Benefits of Stained Concrete - Santa Fe NM Concrete

Concrete staining is an excellent method to improve your indoor concrete floors. With the capacity to be used to new or old concrete, the stain will produce an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in any area. With a variety of customized finishes to choose from, stained floors can accomplish almost any look while delivering a long-lasting and cost-effective solution. Read on to get a glimpse of the benefits of concrete staining.

Easy To Clean

Most homeowners think that stained concrete flooring is challenging to maintain, but it’s actually easy. Cleaning your stained concrete floors is no problem at all! All you have to do is vacuum or sweep the floor regularly, or you can use a mop with soap and water to remove stains. This is one of the top advantages of having stained concrete floors because it’s easier than maintaining other kinds of floors. With stained concrete floors, you won’t have to worry about stains and spills because they can be cleaned up quickly. 


The Benefits of Stained Concrete - Santa Fe NM Concrete Contractors

Your stained concrete floors don’t have to look in any particular way. You may opt for a shade or pattern that you like and matches the decor in your home. This is one of the advantages of having stained concrete floors since it gives homeowners flexibility when it comes to picking designs, colors, and patterns. It’s not very time-consuming to stain old concrete in your preferred style. 

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to let the new concrete dry for several days before applying the stain. Concrete stains provide extra features to the floor that include shade and patterns, which you can change whenever you like. Stained concrete floors are very appealing to look at. As long as you stain them properly, you can enjoy flooring that offers a natural appearance while complementing the style of your home.


Another benefit of having stained concrete floors in your property is that they are more affordable than other floor types, including carpet, tile, and linoleum. With the other advantages of having a stained concrete floor, it can be similar to hardwood floors, if not better. Fortunately, stained concrete isn’t as pricey as hardwoods since you don’t have to hire someone to refinish, sand, and strip, similar to hardwood floors. If you choose the right colors and designs for your concrete floor, it will surely stand out as a decorative element that is worth it.


Concrete is an extremely robust material. It has a compressive power of no less than 4,500 pounds per square inch. However, the surface of a concrete floor that is exposed to machinery traffic and a lot of feet is vulnerable to many potential dangers. For example, cracks and scratches are expected, and warping can occur due to the absorbent nature of the material.

A concrete floor that has been acidly stained is safeguarded against these risks and is also far less susceptible to discoloration, peeling, chipping, and fading. The additional protection against water ingress also significantly decreases the risk of mildew growth and mold on the surface.

Energy Efficient

The secret to boosting energy efficiency in most properties is to improve general levels of heat insulation. However, treating or staining concrete floors goes a long way to achieving this.

Stained concrete floors are characteristically regarded as a ‘cold’ flooring material; concrete’s capability to absorb and gradually release heat or coldness makes it more energy efficient in specific environments than covered floors such as carpet, hardwood, etc. A stained concrete floor boosts this “thermal mass” further, decreasing the dependence on heating and air conditioning procedures.

Enjoy Design Flexibility and Versatility

Your color and pattern options are endless, so whether your interior happens to be modern, traditional, industrial, or earthy, you can effortlessly find products that will offer the look you aspire. Being creative doesn’t have to be difficult. Just use single stain color, mix up hues or make a more sophisticated floor by utilizing custom graphics favored by companies aiming to imprint images, zone lines, logos, and artistic touches over the floor expanses.

Is a Concrete Floor Right for You? | Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

A concrete floor can be a great option if you have a current slab foundation and a design that is a suitable and a stylistic fit for the glossy atmosphere of honed concrete. Many homeowners enjoy the low cost of concrete floors, particularly when considering the durability this floor can give them. With stained concrete floors, you may never want another floor covering. To learn more about your flooring options, call our representatives at 505-375-6918.



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