The Average Cost of Polishing Concrete

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Concrete has been used for a long time, though polished concrete floors are a more modern development. The original polished concrete floors were produced in Europe around 1991. Since then, polished concrete has become a favored flooring option for various settings.

Polished concrete floors offer a variation of colors, styles, designs, and touches to companies and homeowners alike. As a result, these flooring options are the fastest expanding flooring trend in the marketplace today. Polished concrete floors are now an in-demand addition in both commercial and residential settings.

There are numerous variables a trusted concrete flooring contractor will have to evaluate while assessing your concrete flooring project. Below are the most significant factors influencing the value of polished concrete are:


Average Cost of Polishing Concrete

The national average cost to polish concrete is $3.63 per square foot. The total cost for materials and labor per square foot is around $5.71. A standard 300 square foot project would have an estimated cost of about $1,800. Your exact price will depend on your area, job size, conditions, and finish options you prefer.

Here are the standard prices for in-demand concrete floor finishes:

  • Concrete Overlay – $3 – $7 per square foot
  • Polished Concrete – $3 – $12 per square foot
  • Stained Concrete – $2 – $4 per square foot

How much is residential concrete flooring?   


Most homeowners spend around $3 and $8 per square foot for polished concrete flooring. Prices are lower for a single layer of polish and more expensive for complex designs – up to $10 per square foot or more.

Some factors affecting the pricing of polished concrete:


  • Access – how accessible it is for contractors and their tools to access your property.
  • Amount of polishing needed – glossy polished concrete can cost you more than a plain finish.
  • Floor condition – a broken or cracked surface will need extra work to fix before it can be polished.
  • Size – a minimal area will cost more than a wider area since smaller areas demand more detail work than wide areas, and more setup time is expected.
  • Type of concrete finish – polishing colored, stamped, or stenciled concrete will cost you more.
  • Type of polishing used – mechanical polishing has different price levels, as well as grind, seal, and honing. 

If you’re developing a new home, reach out to Santa Fe Concrete Contractors before building. Our contractors come in before the frame is built. This reduces the workload, as well as the costs

Polishing concrete floor

Polished concrete FAQs


Polished concrete is relatively modern, and contractors are asked some questions about the method and the issues. Below are the frequently asked questions about polished concretes: 


Can an existing concrete floor be polished? 

Absolutely, existing concrete floor can still be polished. It can hold a natural concrete look, or a coat of aggregate or colored concrete can be implemented over an existing area. The outcome may still vary on the floor’s condition.


Is concrete polishing cheap? 

Unlike other options of flooring, polished concrete floors are cost-effective.


Does concrete grinding create dust?

Reliable concrete services use equipment that doesn’t create dust.


Is a polished concrete floor slippery?

Not necessarily; non-slip covers are possible.




At Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, we have years of experience in a wide variety of concrete polishing, repair, and decorative services. We offer concrete services throughout the Santa Fe area. Our professional team is capable of handling any concrete project, big or small.


We take pride in what we do and our ability to provide the most competitive pricing in this industry. So, give us a call at 505-375-6918 or submit an inquiry to get a specific quotation for your concrete flooring project.



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