Polished Concrete vs. Tile Floors

Santa Fe Concrete Contractors, NM - Polished Concrete vs Tile Floors

Some people may think of concrete as hard, rough, and unappealing. Yet, with the right polishing and design, concrete can bring out the best in your home or office. In fact, polished concrete is considered part of the decorative elements in a property. If you want something that lasts for years, using concrete is best. […]

Can Crumbling Concrete Be Repaired?

Can Crumbling Concrete Be Repaired - Santa Fe Concrete Contractors

Sometimes, concrete deterioration is just a surface blemish and the concrete just beneath the surface is still intact. But don’t get too comfortable because, while concrete is one of the most durable building materials available, everyday wear and tear, faulty installation, and exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures can all take their toll on concrete […]

The Benefits of Stained Concrete

The Benefits of Stained Concrete - Santa Fe NM Concrete

Concrete staining is an excellent method to improve your indoor concrete floors. With the capacity to be used to new or old concrete, the stain will produce an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in any area. With a variety of customized finishes to choose from, stained floors can accomplish almost any look while delivering a long-lasting and […]

How much does it cost to polish concrete?

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Concrete has been used for a long time, though polished concrete floors are a more modern development. The original polished concrete floors were produced in Europe around 1991. Since then, polished concrete has become a favored flooring option for various settings. Polished concrete floors offer a variation of colors, styles, designs, and touches to companies […]